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Fact-based Technology Due Diligence for M&A

Using machine-generated software intelligence enables rapid and deep, ISO-based technology due diligence, in order to lower M&A risks and accelerate value creation.

Black box reality


The software of your target is a maze of technologies, millions of lines of code, thousands of objects. How can your advisory firm know its condition? Guesswork, interviews, traditional tools are only scratching the surface.

MRI-like precision


Without involving developers, CAST technology automatically ‘understands’ the inner workings of complex software systems. It takes all application artifacts, reverse-engineers the internal structures, and provides insights about the software condition. It is the only technology fully applying ISO 5055, the standard for assessing structural integrity of software applications.

ISO 5055 based

ISO 5055 based

Without involving developers

Without involving developers

Any size application

Any size application

Any mix of technologies

Any mix of technologies

Value & risk assessment done in a week

Private equity and advisory firms leverage CAST for $100M to $10B+ transactions.

Comprehensive & actionable insights
Composition Complete software bill of material - own source, open source, third-party components.
IP risks Legal exposures, security risks, obsolescence of open source code used in the software.
Architectural flaws Critical flaws in the application construction. Remediation actions and effort estimates.
Structural condition ISO 5055-based assessment of the application Reliability, Security, Efficiency, Maintainability.
Technical debt Estimated cost of corrective maintenance based on OMG-ATDM specification and ISO 5055 standard
Cost savings Opportunities to reduce the costs of software maintenance and infrastructure use.
Cloud readiness Cloud optimization blockers, estimated remediation effort, recommended best-fit cloud native services.
Green impact Opportunities for changing the code for reducing energy consumption.
Benchmarks Unique comparison of the application against peers in same industry.

Sample report for Tech Due Diligence

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Advisories using CAST for deep, rapid, fact-based due diligence


"CAST delivers high quality results that are simple, seamless, and smooth."

Erik Oltmans, EY

What Our Clients Experienced


“I can see in minutes what took three months to find before”

David Ruggiero
Modernization & Cloud Advisory Leader


"We worked with CAST and blew our client’s mind. Within a month we were able to deliver tangible insights."

Vishy Padmanabhan

Vishy Padmanabhan

"CAST complements our offerings with hard facts and metrics."

Benjamin Rehberg
Partner & Managing Director