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Faster application migration and optimization for Cloud

Pinpoint best migration and optimization path, required code changes, and effort. Automatically.

< 40%

of cloud migration and optimization projects succeed when using subjective, survey-based planning methods

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Organizations moving applications to Cloud or optimizing them after a lift-and-shift, need to understand how well they can fit into a Cloud native, PaaS environment.

However, it takes weeks or even months for an architect to access just one application.

CAST Highlight can understand the cloud maturity of hundreds of applications in days and pinpoint what needs to change for their move and optimization for Cloud

CAST Highlight reads source code, ‘understands’ what changes are needed for a move to a cloud environment, and automatically develops a fact-based roadmap to cloud.

Organizations can rapidly segment and prioritize applications using the Cloud Maturity Score based on specific source code patterns that could hinder (Blockers) or accelerate (Boosters) application optimization for the cloud.

  • Prioritize cloud candidates based on both technical and business impacts
  • Spot and fix Cloud Blockers that slow down migration or help adopt containers faster
  • Reduce post lift-and-shift consumption by identifying best-fit Cloud native services
  • Detect open source component risks that need addressing
Roadmap to Cloud Native - Sample Report

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With CAST Highlight you can:

Segment Applications for Cloud Migration & Optimization. IN MINUTES.

Automatically build an objective migration roadmap across an entire application portfolio in seconds using the Portfolio Advisor for Cloud. Segment and prioritize each application into categories such as Rehost, Refactor, Rearchitect, Rebuild, or Retire.

Segment Applications for Cloud Migration & Optimization. IN MINUTES.
Pinpoint Cloud Maturity Blockers & Boosters. BASED ON FACTS.

Automatically identify Blockers (e.g., Persistent File Usage, COM Components, etc.) and Boosters (e.g., use of a web configuration file, MySQL, etc.). Get accurate guidance on exactly where each of the Blockers occur within the code of each application. Learn how to remediate these Blockers to increase the cloud maturity level of applications and continuously optimize them for the cloud.

Pinpoint Cloud Migration Blockers & Boosters. BASED ON FACTS.
Accelerate Cloud Containerization. BASED ON FACTS.

Automatically discover specific source code patterns that prevent adoption of containers and get precise recommendations on how to remove these container blockers.

Accelerate Cloud Containerization. BASED ON FACTS.
Reduce Post Migration Consumption. BASED ON FACTS.

Get recommendations on the specific Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, or IBM Cloud native services for each application to utilize to help reduce consumption post migration.

Reduce Post Lift-and-Shift Consumption. BASED ON FACTS.
Understand & Mitigate Open Source Risks. IN REAL TIME.

Automatically perform Software Composition Analysis (SCA) to detect all open source components in use throughout the portfolio and the associated risks. Identify security vulnerabilities, open source licensing risks, or obsolete components that need to be addressed or upgraded before a migration in minutes versus the weeks it would take using manual code reviews.

Understand & Mitigate Open Source Risks. IN REAL TIME.
Ensure Multi-Cloud Readiness. BASED ON FACTS.

Receive automated insights on the specific cloud patterns in applications that make it easier to be deployed across multiple cloud platforms.

Ensure Multi-Cloud Readiness. BASED ON FACTS.
We would have been flying blind without
CAST software intelligence.

Subhadaa Reddimasi

Head of Modernization & Cloud

What our clients experienced

Without CAST, our cloud migration program would have been delayed by 6 months.

Jens Ewelt
Head of Cloud Services

Application cloud readiness assessments went from 3+ weeks down to 3 days with the same accuracy.

Jeremy Woo-Sam
Azure Blackbelts Lead

LTI Mindtree
CAST accelerates the assessment & analysis phases of app modernization by up to 30X.

Sunil Agrawal
Chief Architect
LTI Mindtree