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Google Cloud cuts application modernization time by half with CAST software intelligence

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a cloud computing services platform helping developers build software more sustainably and solve the most critical business problems in over 200 countries.

Google Cloud integrated CAST Highlight and CAST Imaging into the Rapid Migration Program (RaMP), helping their clients shave four to eight months off application modernization projects.

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Keys to faster modernization for cloud

Google Cloud

CAST helps plan, accelerate, and de-risk application modernization programs

Erwan Menard
Global Director, Infrastructure and Applications

Google Cloud

The response from clients has been ‘Why did we not do this before?’

Harish Jayakumar
Global Director, Application Modernization

4-8 months

shaved off application modernization projects

50% less

time spent on application modernization


Successful modernization of custom applications, before or after a lift-and-shift to cloud, hinges on accurately understanding how they work inside.

Google Cloud offers a set of enablers to help their clients’ modernization efforts, but those are mainly at the infrastructure topology level.

There was no quick way for Google Cloud clients to map the internals of the applications themselves, understand their degree of cloud maturity, and quickly figure out what needs to change inside the software.

Manually gathering this type of software intelligence was slow, inaccurate, and often bogged down the entire modernization program.


Google Cloud integrated CAST into the capabilities already available through its Rapid Migration Program (RaMP), namely:

CAST Highlight – for rapid insights across an entire portfolio, to pinpoint what needs to change in the source code, the effort required, the best-suited Google Cloud services to use.

CAST Imaging – for mapping all application elements and their relationships to help speed up key modernization steps: re-platforming, re-architecting, DB replacement, breaking up monoliths, and so on.

Once in Google Cloud, using CAST helps continuously raise the cloud maturity of the applications.


After Google Cloud partnered with CAST in 2022, their clients were able to shave more than four months off application modernization projects—in some cases as much as eight months—in a cohort of 35 clients ranging from small to enterprise size.

RaMP users shortened the time to value of running their applications on Google Cloud.

The RaMP team now applies CAST software intelligence capabilities across all RaMP clients to further accelerate modernization efforts by combining software intelligence with other discovery technologies to further automate migration and modernization.