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Bain & Company shaves 80% off portfolio analysis time with CAST Highlight

Bain & Company

One of the “Big Three” management consultancies, Bain & Company is a global consultancy delivering advisory services across 58 offices in 37 countries.

CAST Highlight enabled Bain & Company to present a fact-based recommendation on how their client could begin their digital transformation on a core banking system in under three weeks.

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Bain & Company

We worked with CAST and blew our client’s mind!

Vishy Padmanabhan

< 3 weeks

to complete fact-based digital transformation roadmap


reduction in portfolio analysis time, from several weeks down to a few days

26 apps

worth of rapidly-analyzed source code that were the top candidates for modernization


Bain’s client, a 100-year-old BFSI institution serving more than 13 million US customers, developed a diverse and fragmented application portfolio over several decades.

Unlike younger, nimbler fintech firms, this organization ran key pieces of their business on these legacy systems. It was not in the position to completely replace them with new technology. This resulted in new functionality frequently being added on top of legacy technology, creating greater complexity, lower agility, and reduced resiliency in core software systems. They needed an objective way to rationalize their portfolio, identify opportunities for disposition, and modernize key systems.


Bain utilized CAST Highlight to rapidly analyze the source code of an initial set of 26 core business applications that were the top candidates for modernization.

They needed to quickly understand each application’s health, along with the cloud readiness to develop a modernization roadmap.

Bain leveraged CAST Highlight’s built in Software Composition Analysis capabilities to identify specific roadblocks needed to be remediated before migration, all open-source components in use across the portfolio, and potential risks that would impede modernization or pose security vulnerabilities.


The rapid nature of the Application Portfolio Analysis powered by CAST Highlight enabled Bain to save significant time in its assessment timeline, taking a process that typically took several weeks down to a few days.

Bain presented a clear modernization roadmap based on objective data, including a prioritized inventory of applications to modernize, consolidate, or retire.

This enabled Bain to present a fact-based recommendation on how their client could begin their digital transformation on a core banking systems in under three weeks.