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MACOM enhances discovery, performance and modernization of critical legacy applications


Manappuram Comptech and Consultants Ltd (MACOM) handles and supports the IT infrastructure and services of majority of Manappuram Finance Ltd, one of the oldest non-banking financial companies in India.

CAST Imaging enabled MACOM to improve the performance of business-critical applications by 20% and increase the efficiency of understanding applications by 20 to 25% when defining modernization efforts.

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CAST Imaging helps us to make our clients much more confident and satisfied.

Anoop KP
Chief Information Security Head


in the performance of

Millions of
lines of code

of .NET legacy applications


application understanding


MACOM, supporting Manappuram Finance Ltd. and its affiliates, delivers business solutions through microservice applications, managed services, and cloud capabilities. They're modernizing their application portfolio, starting with .NET applications to integrate Flutter UI, aiming to enhance digital customer service. Facing the task of modernizing applications with millions of lines of code, some over 25 years old, MACOM plans to evaluate 50 legacy applications for modernization.

In this technological upgrade, the primary emphasis is on boosting performance, alongside ensuring operational continuity, security, and maintainability. This focused approach ensures a balanced innovation strategy, delivering software that is reliable, secure, and easier to maintain.


MACOM leveraged CAST Imaging's structural risk extensions at the outset to identify and assess performance, security, and maintainability issues within their current codebase, and to get quick wins in improving the experience of its clients.

Then, MACOM leveraged CAST Imaging's capacity to provide an automated, in-depth understanding of their legacy applications.

Due to the scarcity of detailed knowledge about the complex makeup of these applications and the interdependencies between their components, visualizing and analyzing the as-is architecture became a crucial step. Initially focusing on a specific module critical to the financial sector, MACOM swiftly expanded their scope to encompass entire applications, each consisting of millions of lines of code, with CAST Imaging becoming instrumental in this process.


The utilization of CAST Imaging by MACOM has significantly enhanced their approach to application maintenance and modernization.

Initially, CAST Imaging helped in identifying structural flaws within their vast and complex legacy systems, leading to targeted and efficient improvement efforts. As a result, MACOM's clients quickly observed a 20% improvement in application performance.

Furthermore, CAST Imaging facilitated a precise and comprehensive understanding of the legacy systems, enabling MACOM to prioritize modernization actions. This was particularly effective in navigating intricate objects and dependencies, allowing for a 20 to 25% increase in application understanding efficiency when defining modernization efforts.