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INAIL transforms complex application portfolio with speed and confidence


INAIL is the Italian National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work administering compulsory insurance against occupational accidents and diseases.

CAST Highlight and CAST Imaging enabled INAIL to plan a complex cloud migration and modernization program for a diverse portfolio of hundreds of applications.

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With CAST, we can be both responsive and proactive, and govern effectively our existing and under development applications.

Anna Sappa
Head of Platforms


automatically analyzed for
modernization planning

5 teams

across infrastructure, certification, operations, architecture and development benefiting from CAST software intelligence

Full spectrum

of insights from bird’s eye view down to the finest detail


INAIL’s Central Digital Organization Directorate (DCOD) was executing an application transformation program for years across a complex portfolio of 700 software applications.

The combination of legacy applications with systems that had gone through some modernization created significant complexity due to the interdependencies.

A key goal of the program is mapping & measuring cloud maturity of the application portfolio. They sought a method to create a modernization roadmap, confidently establish a certification model, and ensure team alignment without service disruption. Modernized applications also required documentation compliant with ISO 5055, ISO 19515, and security standards.


INAIL used CAST Highlight to read the source code of all their applications and automatically determine their cloud maturity, software health, and open source risks – based on facts.

Then, INAIL leveraged CAST Imaging to automatically create precise dependency maps, offering in-depth insights into data, components, services, and layers. These insights help INAIL assess the reliability of applications intended for production deployment.

Starting with 100 applications, INAIL expanded CAST technology across their entire portfolio, integrating it into their CI/CD toolchain.

Integrating CAST technologies offer key insights throughout INAIL's SDLC process.


INAIL's teams now govern their application portfolio based on accurate and consistent data, facilitating informed decisions on modernization and cloud migration. This minimizes risks, helps prioritize actions, and speeds up the process.

CAST Imaging's app-to-app and app-to-DB insights helped evaluate and address the impact of component or application changes, enabling what-if analysis at architectural and application levels.

Adherence to ISO 5055 ensures compliance with security, reliability, maintainability, and performance efficiency standards, reducing operational incidents and problems.