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System integrator saves millions with application control tower

IT Firm

The organization is a €2 billion+ System Integrator in Europe with diverse clients across the BFSI, Telecommunications, and Government industries.

CAST Highlight enabled the SI to operate an application control tower across all their application management client engagements and gain accurate insights for more informed decision making.

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IT Firm

We estimate the application control tower will help us save an estimated 4% of annual AMS revenues

SI IT Executive

Millions saved

in Application Management Services (AMS) costs

1% savings

in annual AMS revenues by eliminating manual effort

3% savings

annually by avoiding discretionary and penalty costs


The SI had client success issues in their Application Management Services (AMS) business due to project delays and cost overruns.

The CIO needed a management reporting system to monitor project performance and increase client success. Initially, they built a custom management dashboard that required significant manual effort to keep up to date and ensure accuracy.

The CIO needed a better way to develop and maintain accurate, up to date, and actionable insights across their application management engagements. This was critical to enable more client renewals, identification of new application modernization projects, and execution of due diligence when responding to RFPs, based on facts, not purely manual assessments.


The CIO organization implemented CAST Highlight to automatically understand the source code of their entire portfolio of client applications and gain comprehensive, immediate visibility. Automatically generated software intelligence included: Software Composition (open source security and IP risks), Cloud Maturity (migration blockers and effort estimates), and Software Health (resiliency / agility / complexity).

The process was automated by plugging CAST Highlight directly into source code repositories so that reporting was always up to date for ongoing decision making. They then used the built-in survey capability to augment the technical code insights with more context such as the business impact of each application for more informed decision-making.


The SI was able to get a comprehensive view across their portfolio of client application projects in a few weeks. The automated ‘control tower’ approach saved them an estimated 1% of their total annual AMS revenues by eliminating manual efforts.

The SI was able to increase the chance of client renewals, identify new upsell opportunities, and reduce project costs by having immediate and accurate insights across their portfolio of application projects. This also enabled them to reduce costs equivalent to an additional 3% of annual AMS revenues by avoiding discretionary contingency and penalty costs.

The SI expects the incremental upsell business facilitated by CAST Highlight could be even more significant.