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Smarter Portfolio Governance. Automated.

Get continuous insights across hundreds of applications.
Operate an automated ‘control tower’ for your portfolio.

Organizations now have 100x more software than just 10 years ago*

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CIOs, CTOs, software leaders feel overwhelmed by complexity, limited visibility, lack of facts. There is no single integrated view of their application portfolio.

How do you govern the chaos of your sprawling portfolio?

  • What are the best opportunities to reduce costs?
  • How do I modernize applications to be cloud native?
  • Where might I have open source legal or security exposure?
  • Which critical applications are most likely to go down in production?
  • Where can I shift maintenance resources to optimize costs?
  • Am I producing greener software year over year?

As portfolios grow to hundreds or thousands of applications, these questions become virtually impossible to answer with speed, confidence, and accuracy

CAST Highlight ‘understands’ application source code and automatically produces fact-based, technical insights across the entire portfolio

Automated Control Tower - operates across all applications enabling leaders to govern and make decisions based on facts – not opinions or the loudest voices

With CAST Highlight you can:


Optimize Software Costs & Performance
Make more informed decisions based on:

  • Resiliency, agility, technical debt insights
  • Portfolio rationalization recommendations
  • Software maintenance optimization advice
  • Trends and progress monitoring

Accelerate Migration & Optimization for Cloud
Modernize for cloud native faster based on:

  • Automated 5Rs recommendations
  • Cloud native migration Blocker insights
  • Effort estimates & remediation advice
  • Cloud native service recommendations
  • Multi-cloud & container readiness insights

Control Open Source Risks
Reduce 3rd party component risk based on:

  • Open source license identification
  • Security vulnerability detection
  • Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) creation
  • Priority action recommendations
  • Proprietary component governance

Make Greener Software
Improve software sustainability based on:

  • Recommendations on quick wins
  • Green Deficiency code insights
  • Remediation advice and effort estimates
  • Trends and progress monitoring
  • Benchmarking against industry peers

How it works – a simple 3-step process:

3-step process step-1

Step 1 – Source code is read automatically from repositories with predefined frequency.

3-step process step-2

Step 2 – Encrypted intelligence is uploaded to secure cloud (27001-certified). No code leaves premises.

3-step process step-3

Step 3 – Instant visibility via customizable dashboards, drilldowns, recommendations. API-based data integration.

What insights are available from the Control Tower?
Software Health resiliency, agility, technical debt, custom software maintenance recommendations, cost optimization opportunities
Cloud Readiness roadmaps, 5Rs recommendations, blockers, effort estimates, cloud native service recommendations, multi-cloud & container readiness insights
Software Composition OSS legal / IP & security risks, SBOM, proprietary components
Green Impact quick win recommendations, green deficiencies, remediation advice, trends, benchmarks

Application Portfolio Governance Scorecard - Sample Report

Download the Report


What our clients experienced:


“We needed a turn-key solution that would provide us with actionable indicators across our portfolio.”

Pascal Bernal


"Application cloud readiness assessments went from 3+ weeks down to 3 days with the same accuracy."

Jeremy Woo-Sam
Azure Blackbelts Lead


"CAST Highlight enabled us to assess OSS risks across all our applications in minutes versus hundreds of hours. "

Marilyn Hartnett
VP, Open Source Governance


*Arstechnica and Dimensional Research